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After the somewhat surprising success of our debut cup, we’ve decided to host another with even more maps, more prizes and more fun! The maps featured will be from a variety of locations; from  the arid desert of koth_sandstone_b13, an especially good upcoming KOTH map and one of Maincall’s preferred maps, to the coastal laboratory of cp_sunshine_rc3, a big hit in the ESEA season. Not to mention cp_vanguard_b9, a new open terrain map with open flanks and potential for interesting games! Get studying! However, if any newer versions of these maps are released before the cup is due to start, we will most likely be using those instead.


The cup itself will feature all three maps and will run from the 9th-11th of January. It will contain two divisions to start with (low and high) and depending on the amount of signups we may expand to even more. Division 3 and above teams will be seeded in the high bracket and teams Division 4 and below will be seeded in the low bracket. The tournament will run in a double elimination format, however this may change depending on the signups per bracket. have also been kind enough to give us some prizes to dish out for the victors and the runners-up for the cup, but despite this very generous donation we will still require an entry fee of 6 refined metal per team in order to make sure that we can put out worthy prizes for the teams that participate.

You can send us your entry fee in the form of a trade offer here:



You can see our general rules here:



If you would like to sign up for either the Low or the High bracket, you can do so via the links below. You will need to put each player’s ETF2L profile link on your challonge team profile page. One merc is allowed by default as long as they match with the restrictions of the bracket you are playing in. A second merc is allowed if your opponent agrees.


You can sign up for the cup here:


Low Bracket (D4-6):
High Bracket (Prem-D3):



Download for  cp_vanguard_b9:


Download for koth_sandstone_b13:



Download for cp_sunshine_rc3:



1st Place High Bracket: 40% of entry fees, 6 killstreak kits


1st Place Low Bracket: 20% of entry fees, 6 strange weapons


2nd Place High Bracket: 30% of entry fees, 6 cosmetics


2nd Place Low Bracket: 10 % of entry fees, 6 cosmetics


More prizes will be announced in the new year when we manage to pool everything together.




Signup Period: Now-8th of January

Play Dates: 9th-11th of January

All exact times for matches will be in a follow-up post that will come soon as we know roughly the amount of signups we’ll get.


In the meantime however, have a good winter season and we’ll hope to see you in the new year!


Thanks to Dolichomps for the art!



What Makes a Good Competitive Map? – Part One: The Midfight

As the competitive TF2 community grows, more and more maps have been added to and removed from the map pools. More often than not, the newly added maps are created by the community. But not all community-made maps make it to the grand stage. Many have never even seen the map pool to begin with, remaining scattered across various discussion forums and map hosting sites. The question is, why? What made the popular tournament maps so appealing? Throughout this series of articles, we’ll be trying to answer those questions, while taking a closer look at the layout of various points belonging to the most popular competitive maps.

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4v4 In a Nutshell

As we’re now midway through the third season of 4v4 in UGC, I’d thought I’d talk a little about what 4v4 really is and how it works.

The gamemode is played primarily on koth maps such as ashville and pro viaduct. However there are some exceptions to this in the form of 3cp favourite cp_warmfrost and the very… unique plr_hysteria. Like Highlander, the class limit is 1 for every class, with the additional rule that you cannot run a heavy and a medic at the same time. The usual cookie cutter setup in terms of classes is 1 scout, 1 soldier, 1 demo and 1 medic, but some teams tend to favour running a pyro over a soldier as a pocket class, allowing their demo and their scout to be more aggressive.

Overall, 4v4 is a very diverse game-mode with plenty of different ways to play it. The variety of unlocks that UGC allows really do increase the number of playstyles available (I’ve even seen tide turner demos single-handedly wipe a team). As a result, the game-mode is very easy for new competitive players to get into due to it being relatively similar to public TF2 in terms of unlocks and not requiring too much strategy.

4v4 is also a really good game-mode to take part in before going into sixes or Highlander due it to teaching you how to work as a team (having only 4 people makes team co-ordination very, very easy) as well as teaching new players not to overextend. This is because you dying puts your team at a severe disadvantage as you only have ¾ of your team alive, enough to give the opposing team an incentive to push on you.

However the game-mode does have its drawbacks, such as being very DM-heavy. As mentioned above, if you manage to beat someone in a 1v1 then your team has a significant advantage. If your team as a whole have better DM then the other team can seriously struggle to make an impact. Another disadvantage is that the maps used aren’t commonly played in other game-modes (aside from pro viaduct, ashville and to a certain extent koth_badlands) which makes branching out into sixes and HL harder due to having to learn new maps. However playing 4v4 beforehand does at least give you some sort of competitive experience.

All in all, 4v4 is a really good, casual, fun game-mode to play in if you’re looking to have a bit of a laugh with three other friends. It’s an easy way to take part in competitive tf2 and if it’s helping newbies get into the game, then it certainly has got an extra feather in its hat.

Thanks to Dolichomps for the graphic!


Five things we learned from Week 1 in the Premiership Division

1. are in it to win it
After their victory over coolclan, Ipz said that maincall were going to play every match as if there is money on the line. While this comment  slightly lost its horse by the nature of their wobbly start to the game, it underlines the severity with which the team is taking this season, in their attempt to challenge the Americans at a future LAN. If they can keep their heads down and negotiate a reasonable dinner time with Kiler4fun’s mum, they may end up blowing the competition out of the water by the time play-offs come around.

2. coolclan could cause upsets
After battling through the playoffs to secure their place in Prem, coolclan faced up against the people’s favourite to crush the competition. To their credit, they made the first ten minutes of Badlands very uncomfortable for Maincall. The team comprises some old, established talent in their Scouts, Demoman and Medic, but in their Soldier combination, they have some new blood, as yet untried at this level. Particularly phromelo, whose sniping helped Highpander win Highlander Season 6, presents versatility and a wildcard factor that could easily swing rounds in coolclan’s favour.

3. Fenneks dig deep to win ugly
In the preceding episode of Fully Charged, flushy predicted that the middle of Prem would be hotly contested. Especially now that the play-offs have been reduced to three teams, those in contention need to pick up as many points as possible. This is precisely what Fenneks managed to do, coming from a round down to win Badlands against Furbo Pandas, a game that included a twenty-minute round, and finally taking the lead on Process with two minutes remaining. When it comes down to the end of the season, the runners-up of the Logjam cup way well be grateful for the points they avoided squandering on a golden cap.

4. Honours even in the Russian derby that never was versus 4-25 pitted the two Russian teams of Prem against one another. This local rivalry was intensified by the swapping of Demomen, with Death leaving 4-25 for greener pastures and a potential play-off spot with In the TF.TV invitational, knocked 4-25 into the lower bracket, where they met again in the semi-final. This time it was to be 4-25 who eliminated This match, however, was undermined by the departure of msh for the nth time, but more notably by the departure of Whiteglow, the day before. Whiteglow had been with the team since its inception and now leaves the roster short of a main medic. In this match, the distinctly non-Russian vani and Bulle were called into merc, leaving GGWP feeling that they could perhaps have gotten more from this fixture.

5. Exon. could hold the key to LBC’s fate
The first week pitted the teams tipped for second and third place together. It was maligned that this fixture was not held later in the season, when bk would have had time to gel and adapt to their new roles. In Badlands, the frenchies synergy gained from past seasons playing together won through, with Exon. imperious in his damage statistics, as La Berrichonne de Châteauroux came from 4-2 down to snatch a dramatic 5-4 win. Process was a different story, as Zebbosai ran riot, top damaging and clearly top fragging, as Exon. was caught out considerably more and unable to exert his influence as much as he was in the prior map. Should Exon. play more like he did in Badlands, this could well turn out to be a dress rehearsal of the first play-off match. However, the scary take-away from the match is that Zebbosai will only get better…

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Team Talk: Logjam cup and TFTV Invitational #4 sponsored by tT eSports!

I’ve got to admit I did feel slightly bad for forking Arie off his superteam perch in the coup d’état we embroiled ourselves in a couple of weeks back. Blood was spilt. Stroopwafels flew like shurikens through the air. We press-ganged the team into taking our name in an arranged marriage style affair.

I say did, mostly because I’ve just got around to seeing all the results of [6on6] this past week; and my word are they strong – across the board in both the TFTV Invitational #4 (powered by Tt eSports) and the Logjam Cup in all its copious wondrousness. I suggest you take a seat for the next section, otherwise all the blood in your body and all others within a 10 foot radius will run to your eyes and you will just explode.

(This is a new column by the way, it’s called Team Talk and, unsurprisingly for our more keen-of-mind readers out there, we talk about the team in it. Meta over, let’s talk team.) Continue reading

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The Demoman Bible Part I: The Commandments & Introduction

Welcome to what should hopefully be a recurring feature to my ever impressive blog. i52 is now over, I’m suffering from severe depression, so what better ways to ease my woes than type a shit ton of nonsense!

The effort I’m about to put in could however be completely made irrelevant again by one swift flick of Valve’s shitty balance wand!

So without further ado, let’s get started…

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